Jul 3 2008

Visiting stuff [1] this evening, I find the same sad story being played out. Today's Most Viewed - "Who has Hollywood's best breasts? (+pics)". The poll - "Who's hotter?" [2].

I don't know what you conclude from this, but there are several options:

  1. People are more interested in mindless entertainment than real news
  2. The definition of "real news" has changed
  3. What people are viewing accurately reflects the conscience of our nation

It's no wonder I've turned away from paying attention to any general news. I get news through my social network [3] - if it's important, I'll hear about it.

It reminds me of a court case I heard about recently, about a man viewing pornography in some illegal manner. I can't remember the exact details, but part of the description of the crime he was being charged for was "violating community standards". His defense was along the lines of using search engine results to prove that because "orgy" was searched more often than most other terms, it was therefore an acceptable community standard to browse porn.

If he lived in New Zealand, he wouldn't even have to go to the bother of obtaining search result statistics.

Edit: found the story

[1]Not worthy of a link, in my opinion
[2]Admittedly, this poll is only in the entertainment section at this time
[3]Not "account on social networking site" - my actual social network, made up of friends, family, workmates etc.

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