Jul 4 2008

I'm feeling in the writing mood, so second post in a few minutes...

Yesterday at soccer I sprained my ankle again. Stupid ankle. More like stupid Nigel for trying to come back too soon from the last injury. I'm booked in for physio tomorrow.

So today I worked from home instead of going to work and walking around too much on it. And some time in the afternoon, the Mormons came calling. It was the first time I've ever been at home when they've come around. I assume they probably call reasonably often though.

Anyway, they asked me about religion, and I explained to them my religious position, which is summed up nicely in three words:

I. Don't. Care.

Now I don't know what the rest of the world calls this. Some erroneously call it athiesm, still more erroneously call it agnostic. I couldn't find a term on wikipedia that matched it exactly. But here's a longer description: Whether there is no god, a god, or even more than one, I am entirely unconcerned with.

Whenever I hear about religion, all I seem to hear is people fighting. Join my religion this, burn the heathens that. Presumably these religions are making life better for those who believe, but you don't hear much about that in the news (people are more interested in who has the hottest tits anyway). I would rather ignore the entire area, and do something more productive with my time. Like visit my family and spend a quiet evening talking about the events of the past week and watching UKTV, the only channel not showing complete shit.

If I believe anything, it is that your life is incredibly influenced by the people around you. It is your friends and family who are important and deserve your faith. I'm not saying sacrifice yourself on the altar of visiting your mother-in-law every week - but that you should spend time with those who are close to you, and accept their idiosyncrasies and differences. Because at the end of the day, whether they constantly burp loudly pales into insignificance compared with the value of what you will have together in your friendship.

Anyway, the Mormons left after that. I went back to hacking on Mahara.

BTW: If you know what that "completely doesn't care" religious position is called, I'd love to know :)

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