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Oct 15 2013

Fixing Election Turnout

With turnout at the local body elections so low, people are talking about online voting (again) - without thinking about the new problems this would bring, and without solving the more likely underlying problem first - voter apathy. Read more »

Nov 13 2012

MongoDB tabular output (like MySQL/PostgreSQL)

A present from us to mongodb devs: tabular output for queries in the mongo console. Read more »

Aug 26 2012


A eulogy to one of my best friends. Read more »

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Previously, I have been lead developer of Mahara (2006-2009) while employed at Catalyst IT (whom I had worked for on and off since I was 17). I also wrote GeSHi while at university, and managed the project until 2007, when I handed over the reins to Benny Baumann.

When not working on Get Your Game On, I run, play indoor football and futsal, and lead the Standby Task Force Tech Team.

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